Thank you for your interest in the ARPA-H Sprint for Women’s Health. This page is designed to help facilitate connections between prospective performer teams. ARPA-H anticipates that teaming will be necessary to achieve the goals of the program. Prospective performers are encouraged (but not required) to form teams with varied technical expertise to submit a Solution Summary to the Sprint.

If either you or your organization are interested in teaming, please submit your information via the form below. Your details will then be added to a spreadsheet and shared with you via email. If you indicated interest in connecting with other organizations during your registration for Proposers’ Day, your information will automatically be added to the list and you will receive an email follow-up to complete any remaining questions.

Please note that by publishing the teaming profiles list, ARPA-H is not endorsing, sponsoring, or otherwise evaluating the qualifications of the individuals or organizations included here. Submissions to the teaming profiles list are reviewed and updated periodically.